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MSI Fuzzy GME965. Anyone else had these issues and resolved them?

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  • MSI Fuzzy GME965. Anyone else had these issues and resolved them?

    I purchased the above mentioned board from a user over at the fluxmedia forums. I also purchased a T8300 CPU to compliment it. I bought it primarily because it was S3 compliant and a decent deal.

    I get the system up and running and I notice 2 things.
    1) The system will not return from S3. I tried everything, driver updates, disabling/enabling everything in the bios, you name it.
    2) Also the core speed of the cpu is only 1197MHz (6x multiplier).

    I go to the MSI site, and see a bios update which includes support for the T8300. I update the bios and now the multipler is x12 (great!). I had to reinstall the OS after the update (they mentioned it would because of the northbridge id changing).

    Now video drivers and one network port drivers will not work in XP. Regardless of version.

    Vista install hangs after 'setup loading windows files'.

    I have contacted MSI, but not holding my breath. Does anyone have an original backup/copy of the bios for this motherboard? I would prefer a semi function system vs. a complete none functioning.

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    I have MSI 9803-030 (GM965 i thought, it seems its the same as yours from MSI), having read your problem I looked at the support page to see what MSI would offer if anything for this board, I can't find anything now specifically now.

    Though the bios upgrade does confirm it would work for mine, doesn't sound go though from your experience.

    I cant get my DVD RW and sound card to work with XP, though it works on booting.

    The bios I have is 1.1.

    The boards don't seem to have changed.


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      I must have the same board as you. Any change you could make a backup of your bios? Its to bad they did not offer the original on their site, and also to bad I didn't back it up before I flashed it in the first place.


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        I have been having a go at backing up the bios but with Live update 3 it does seem I can do that. Are there offline methods?


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          There is the manual method. Grab the latest bios from MSI. it comes with the dos based flash utility. Load us dos and run afudos.exe /b backup.rom (I believe it is) run afudos.exe /? to check the files parameters.

          That will save a copy for you.



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            MSI sent the file (v1.10), so if you want it I can forward it.


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              Thanks but, I no longer need it. I figured out the problem.. Weird that I was able to stumble upon it as well. One of the cores of the CPU is bad, just one. When I disable one, the computer works perfectly. Who would have thought?!

              Anyways thanks for the help, I am going to order up a new CPU today!