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sound card issues, need help

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  • sound card issues, need help

    1.5ghz VIA 1gb ram
    audigy 4 pci sound card
    4 channel alpine f240 amp
    alpine type r speakers 6.5" and 6x9"

    So I've been experiencing bad sound quality for a while. it started randomly. I had recently replaced my speakers with brand new ones, and the sound quality was still bad. I tested it on a new amp (which i returned) and it was SLIGHTLY better, but not much at all. it just gets really distorted at any volume.

    I checked my grounds, seem fine.

    so i bought a creative x-fi PCI card...the sound quality was noticeably better...but here's the catch...

    the x-fi uses 100% cpu when audio is takes 15 seconds to do any action (pause, change song) let alone run gps or anything else. i messed around with everything i could, reinstall drivers, everything, and i couldn't figure it out, and its still running at 100%

    my audigy 4 ran at around 60%, still high but everything was functional.

    Anyone know any solutions for either reducing the cpu usage?
    if not, any good sound cards (100 bucks or below) that aren't resource hogs? i always thought the better the card, the more work it does on the card, thus REDUCING cpu usage...

    any insight would help me out.

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    btw, i'm running Mobile Impact, which is based off WMP, and if i run either of those to play the audio, i get the 100% cpu usage

    i'm gonna try updating my WMP (i think its version 9) i hope upgrading to 10 helps...but if not, any help would still be appreciated in the mean time