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  • nano itx motherboard

    I came across a nano itx pentium m board with built in 12v power supply recently VB-1214NM , i was curious if anybody has come across or have used this board before, for 199 us$ it seem like a very good deal.

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    You have to use breakouts for most things it looks like. The break out for most connectors ($20) and adapter for 2.5" drive ($5) add complexity and potential fail points (not good in a moving car).


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      I like the looks of it, though. Little pricey, but built in PSU brings the overall cost down.

      looks like I just toasted my broken laptop, so I'm in the market for a tiny machine for the mkII carpc.


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        i really liked the looks of lt also but i am a bit nervous about dropping about
        $400 posted( with processor, and the couple of aditional boards) on a board that is un known and sketchy details, processor ok ,chipset ok,this is what i got from the supplier

        "VB-1214 motherboard is our OEM version board, we are selling this board
        mostly to the system developers like you.
        Basically, we provide this special form factor motherboard for companies
        that require Intel base, very small, low power consumption PC that has
        plenty of flexibility and yet enough power for their special need.
        We're willing to deal with company's design engineer for any tech. issue.
        But for end user, we simply sell our barebones or complete system as shown
        on our website.

        Flat cables are included, we also provide a large aluminums heat sink that
        across over the CPU and chipset, so that if your chasses has a similar
        design like ours (case fan close to this heat sink) you should not need any
        additional cooling.

        Two accessories designed for our Car PC can be your reference:
        I/O extension board,
        2.5" IDE mounting board,
        If you have your own enclosure already, we can make different I/O board for
        that too."

        How it performs comming out of hibernation and a heap of other questions only experience with it can answer