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2 Din DVD AMFM reciever Qeustion

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  • 2 Din DVD AMFM reciever Qeustion

    I have been planning a carpc and have two somewhat built. Qeustion I have is, I am looking at a 2 Din car stereo reciever with DVD 7" touchscreen, am fm, and bluetooth. The ones with GPS built in are way to expensive. Is there away to hook up a laptop to one of these built in recievers? I dont see any with VGA inputs.. I geuss it would be connected with other inputs. Probably vga to rca inputs or something like that.

    Anyone know how this will work as far as quality etc?? To install my car pc I would have to buy a $200 piece for my dash for the screen and a new 7" touchscreen...for at least $230....I would like to go with a in dash reciever if I can use the touchscreen for also running the gps on my carpc..

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    I notice some of the 2 din 7" touchscreen recievers say you can hook up a game station through av inputs. Could you hook up a carpc through that? There are also other inputs for other devices to. Just wonder if this would work or not.


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      Will it work as a screen? Yes, so long as you have composite video output from the PC.
      Will you have touchscreen control of the PC? No.

      The image quality will be less than ideal, probably horrible, especially if you try to read text.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Yea..thats true. No touch screen from the pc cause lack of drivers etc.. I figured converting vga to rca or av connections would probably work. Thanks for the info.