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    I am new to this site but have been reading alot about carputer head units and hvac systems for a carputer. It looks like you needs multi pieces of software running for the head unit, and hvac. Would it be possible to make one piece of software that combines both, the features of a headunit and an hvac system?

    I may have put this in the wrong section but it does relate to Hardware and Software, and Technical stuff....

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    Anything is possible. Right now, integrating Fusion Brain with another FE like RR, seems the best solution. Oddly I did put in precisely that exact, specific request in the FB forum last night. Well see how that goes.
    Another issue is that factory hvac implementation across the range of car makes and models is very diverse. Not so diverse that it would be impossible to create a single software/hardware solution that works for many applications, but it is challenging. So I imagine if there is a software solution for hvac, it would be someone's propriety creation that only works for their application. I'm working on it, I've got about 2 hours of work left on my prototype interface board, and I'll be ready to hook it up to my HVAC and Car-PC. Then I'll start to finalize my skin for FCC that sorts out the sensors and actuators into a working hvac control system. Fusion Control Center is the only thing I know of that is robust enough to be up to the challenge of configuring different hvac compents into one organized system (without writing any real code). And that will run as an embedded application in RR, for the time being.

    So I'd say no, what you specifically inquired about is not yet available, and yes it is possible. But no one has sat down yet and created an all-in-one infotainment/hvac(/other car controls).

    Pretty much all of the front ends available are infotainment systems that have been provided with added functionality via plugins. Nothing was built with car integration/automation in mind, first and foremost (unfortunately).

    RRfusion is another plug-in made for use with the FB, but it has limited capability. Essentially, it is for turning things on and off with buttons in RR skins, and indication of sensed parameters via RR labels. I suppose it could be used to provide basic, manual control of HVAC.

    There was a unit made by mastero, called aircon which was designed to control HVAC manually, and he had software for it (search words:HVAC serial port) but I don't know what happened to him, and his software was no sort of HU replacement, or front end.

    Phidgets or custom built electronics is an option, obviously, but obviously that requires custom software.

    The Front Ends that are availble have taken a lot of work, and whether open source or commercial, popular wins. And the demand for this just isn't as high as for a super awesome infotainment/nav solution, sans hvac. Plug-ins are the accepted norm for applying new (hvac) functionality to existing FEs, its a rare day when someone re-invents the wheel.

    There's more to it than hvac, for me hvac is the first, it's just one of the harder integrations to do. Ok, stand-alone engine management and autonomous navigation are perhaps a bit harder

    I'm working on the hvac part of it, but I'm no software guru.
    It's been a while...


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      thanks for that huge response..

      I am getting into coding and once i am decent at it i want to attempt to code my own head unit keeping in mind the hvac system. Then create a piece of hardware.....
      If any one knows any thing else about hvac systems feel free to respond