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    I'mfinally getting around to putting my carputer together. The problem here though is that I'm basing my entire decesion on what hardware to get on my in-dash lcd. I was going to get the one located here. That's fine and dandy and all, but now I
    need to decide on a decent graphics card that has at least video out. Preferably one that has a tv tuner and fm tuner. Oh yeah and it has to be AGP. In any case, the Voodoo 3 3500 seems to fit the bill, plus I have a friend who has one so I can check his out to see if it's up to par with my expectations. Who out there recommends the 3500 in their caputer setup? If I don't get that, I would haveto go with some sort of all-in-wonder since I don't have enough pci slots to accomodate alot of pci cards. If I went the ati route, I would have to get some sort of usb fm midulator. Any recommendations? Of course, the cheaper way out is the 3500, but I also want the display to look good. TIA.

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    Hmm I take it by all your silence that nobody here uses the 3500. My search continues...


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      That card gets damn hot. I used to have one. I like to stick to stuff that won't present a heating issue in the car environment.


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        So other than the heat issue, is there anything else that needs to be known about this card? I guess heating is an issue, but with spare parts, I hardly care all that much. Most of the parts won't even be in the case anyways. Thanks for the input .


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          I use a 3500

          I currently use this card in my system and have had very little problems with it. It does get hot but I have plenty of fans for that problem. Make sure you use the 3500 drivers so you can enable the TV out. will have all of the drivers you need for this card. As for signal quality I don't have anything to compare it to but I think it is fair quality. I can't read 10 point font easily but larger text is ok.


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            Thanks for the reply! I think this is the best solution for me at the moment and I appreciate the reply. I heard you could mod the heatsink by putting a small 40mm fan on it and also adding some higher quality heatsinks to the on-board memory.


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              I just to have a 3500 in my PC, and I found an old fan of a P100 or something work fine, never had any heating problems. However the big big blue cable did kinda anoy me.
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