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Sound card for carputer

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  • Sound card for carputer

    Ive been looking around for some while and found this nice sound card and it comes with pc->rca cables. it is a 7.1 card but i will not be using it. Sound Card

    I got right/left from the front and right/left from the rear, That is four channels. I am wondering wut the center/subwoofer is. Is that a mono jack or does it have right and left.

    if there are any other good.. sound cards please share.

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    Usually sub & center channel are on the same 1/8" jack.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Sub is mono as frequencies that low are not "direction sensitive". Center is mono too, as "center" is not to the right nor to the left but, well, in the center of the sound stage.

      Good luck...
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