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  • New Single Din carpc

    After posting this in another part of the forum i thought it might gather more intrest here .

    This products look like it was released a few days ago , any one had any experiance with this company ? as this carpc looks like exactly wot im after !

    ive emailed them and they have sent me a few pictures , ive uploaded the best ones here

    let me know if any one has this or has heard of it as i want to order one.

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    Is it me or does that icon on the desktop shot look like the RRCONFIG icon!!!!!! OH MY!


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      Wow, way too expensive for my taste.


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        If it does all it says it does, and it is truly single-din (does not have a hideaway brain), its actually priced fairly.

        I wonder:
        -What GPS software it uses
        -It says its rear-view cam ready, but the install manual does not show a wire to get a reverse signal.

        Doesn't seem like a bad system if it does what it is advertised to do.


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          ive emailed a few questions etc ... ill update this thread when it comes back

          IMO it has some decent hardware inside , i think to build one using componants of similar spec inc a decent screen that aint a liliput that is indash your probally speaking around 500 $1000 .

          I think its quite fairley priced , information is pretty limited on the website.


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            heres a reply to a few questions i had

            Thank you for your email. I’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions about the unit. Yes, the LCD is completely motorized; it retracts up/down and also can be tilted left/right (highly demanded feature). The unit comes with a GPS receiver built in, and GSM can be added via a USB AirCard from your internet service provider (this is the easiest method). We can easily supply you with a USB GSM modem, and you can simply put in the SIM card, which you would have to receive from your wireless cell/internet provider. Otherwise, you can opt to simply receive internet via WiFi.

            GPS software does come with the unit, but we highly recommend using a frontend program such a Centrafuse XLE, which will let you take full advantage of the computer, and is ideal for driving. It also has an excellent GPS navigation program. None of the CarPC devices currently have fascia removal for theft deterrence, but we will implement these features in future models. Please let us know what other questions you have or if you would like to order the unit.