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Did the M3-ATX fry my board?

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  • Did the M3-ATX fry my board?

    New project. Intel D201GLY2, WD 120GB 2.5" SATA HD, 1G RAM.

    Booted the board using my desktop PC psu and installed everything. All went smoothly.

    Then hooked it up to the M3-ATX with a P4 adapter. Board would get power, HD spins, cooling fan spins, but no video.

    M3-ATX controls startup and shutdown just fine.

    Tested the board again back at home and still.. no video!

    I'm guessing the board is gone.

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    no the d201 is just a fickle board.. reseat ram, reset bios jumper as per instructions. If that doesnt work simple take a cd, flash drive or floppy drive, install the bios .bio file from intels site in the root of the device and reboot the board with no jumpers installed, the bios will show. Trust me i've had this board awhile and i went thru all of this just a week ago .

    if NONE of that works then the problem may be ur RAM. Make sure its NOT high-density.. as the d201 could work with it one day then not work the next. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I did that already. No luck. The RAM is low-density but is 667. It was detected fine at initial boot and ran without a problem at 533. I installed OS, CF and copied all my media library. It was a whole day of work with not a single failure.