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Installed system tonight... but have a Code Red!

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  • Installed system tonight... but have a Code Red!

    i have everything finally wired and was hoping to start it up for the first time tonight.. I have everything ready to go.. but as soon as i power up the pc it shuts down after a few seconds!! what am i doing wrong or what am i missing! Brothers if you can please help that would be a huge help!

    I am also on IM right now, Ricksastar


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    What are your system specs?


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      Way vague, you could have a billion different problems...

      Check the wiring. Make sure all your connections are good.
      Check the power switch. Make sure it's not sending an OFF signal or holding the button down.
      Check the temperature. Make sure your system isn't overheating.
      Check the PSU. Make sure it's set up properly.
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        Way too vague.

        I would guess that there isnt enough power though, but really that is a big guess because it could be anything.
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          i just wen through the system again.. rewired everything she is up and running now... except when i shut the truck of it is restarting so not sure. I test the acc. wire and it is only getting juice when the key is in, so its a little strange


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            In windows power options, what do you have the power button set to do? Also, maybe you wired the power switch to your reset on the power supply?


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              hmm... possible.. i am going to work on it on my lunch break. Thanks. I will post what i find.


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                Hey Rick, I would like to get some information about your setup as I have been thinking about adding a pc with touch screen to my 07 Explorer.