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  • cpu-ecu-carputer....

    I know they make after market ecu's that have engine management software (That allows you to control your engine through ur carputer/laptop). The reason why they use ecu's is because the operate on there own and they dont use alot of power. But they are still computers.

    Is it possible to get rid of the ECU, and wire all the sensors and other engine control devices all up to one carputer? I know this isnt that practical, it would use alot more power and would always have to be on, or start up on click..

    please reply thanks..

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    I want my car to be a lot more reliable than my computer. And I want my computer to be a lot more versatile than anything designed for engine control would be.

    The fundamental problem is that engine control requires very precise timing of things like ignition and fuel injection, and Windows just isn't capable of that level of precision. Windows is perfectly willing to suspend everything while it swaps data to/from the disk, for example. Other operating systems make strong guarantees about precise timing.

    I suspect that there are plenty of car computers out there that don't even use operating systems, at least not in the sense that you'd recognize. The software developers just write code that runs from the very first instruction (no loading separate programs into memory), handles all of the I/O directly, no device drivers, no virtual memory, (maybe no memory management at all) no shell, etc, etc. Keeping them simple helps them stay reliable.


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      Yeah, not a good idea.

      You can however get aftermarket ECU's that allow you to do real-time tuning via a computer, so I imagine that would be the best way to go about it. I can;t recal the name of one at the moment though.
      I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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        What NSFW said is bang on.

        Without guaranteed precision timing, you can easily grenade your engine. And with all the unnecessary extras that a PC has over an ECU, it's just more things that can (and will) go wrong.


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          ok thanks for all the information, it was just an idea i had when i was looking into ecu's.