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Hiinfo N53 in Suzuki Swift?

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  • Hiinfo N53 in Suzuki Swift?

    Hey guys.

    I've been following the various forums here for a while now as a guest and learning quite a lot from it.

    Now I am looking for ideas for my own car pc setup. I have a Suzuki Swift 2005 model and I'm looking for a 2-Din unit, preferably all in one (to save having to modify the car too much running cables everywhere).

    One unit that I like a lot is the Hiinfo N53 (here) which looks pretty nice (in my opinion) and looks like it would fit my needs very well. I have contacted Hiinfo and received a price list from them. They do say that it can not be installed in a Suzuki Swift, but they did not mention why. My only guess would be maybe the dimensions of the unit were too large.

    I haven't yet removed the factory head unit from my Swift so I'm not sure how much space I would have available, does anyone else on these forums have a Swift who would know the largest dimensions I could fit in there?

    There is one model that Hiinfo make that they sell for the Swift, which is the N52 and that comes with the face plate (and I think a wiring harness converter) for the Swift and the woman did mention this one to me, but I prefer the looks and features of the N53.

    The dimentions of the N53 are 178x110x172mm and the N52 is 180x174x96mm.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Does anyone have any ideas on the maximum size head unit that a 2005 Suzuki Swift would take? I did try to remove the factory head unit yesterday but I didn't have much success, it seemed to be held in there very well and I didn't want to end up damaging anything.


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      Hi there,

      I think the reason that why N53 is unable to fit the your console because it's protruding slight out of our 2-DIN console. btw, i'm having the same ride as you! ;-)


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        You might want to look at the N52. The N53 is not really double din, the back is, but the face is a little taller and not standard. The N52 is true double din.
        Nick - 08 GG Element
        Custom 3D-CAD Design, Reverse Engineering and Fabrication


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          I think the N52 is around $1,100 and the N53 is around $1,250 or so. If you found an N52 for less let me know as I'd love to pick one up.
          Nick - 08 GG Element
          Custom 3D-CAD Design, Reverse Engineering and Fabrication