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Issues with Intel D201GLY2A motherboard

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  • Issues with Intel D201GLY2A motherboard

    I very recently got myself a new carpc motherboard, as my VIA was crap performance wise, and had some intermittant issues

    Today I fitted the new D201GLY2A motherboard, 1GB ram, hard disk, and M2-ATX power supply.

    All looked good, powered up and i got POST. I was then able to boot from my XP disc. I got as far as partitioning the drive, then get a BSOD error, saying "irql_not_less_or_equal"

    I tried using a few different XP and 2000 discs, and got a few different errors, but always a BSOD

    Can anyone provide any advice?

    Im using a 1GB stick of Kingston memory, and a Seagate 80GB SATA hard disk


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    Be sure to use WinXP SP2 for SATA drives.


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      I would set the bios to it's default setting and disable all unnecessary device like serial port and others.
      It might be hardware problem though.
      dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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        You have part# KVR533D2N4/1G?

        I had a similar problem. I went back to the store to replace it and they didn't have any more so I got a stick of Patriot memory with the same specs (PSD21G5332) and It's been working fine since.

        It might not be the issue. I'm pretty sure I saw a post where someone else had the Kingston memory in that board and it worked but, hey, who knows?


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          im running a kingston 1G stick in mine

          sounds like a driver issue.

          is that an old version of win xp you are installing?

          go get a program called nLite it lets you rebuild the windows xp install disk, add and remove drivers and service packs. make sure its got as mentioned above sp2 in there and put all the drivers for the m/b into that as well, dont forget to click the make bootable ISO image or whatever it says, otherwise it wont make the boot cd for yu.

          then try installing off that new cd.
          also make sure you remove any partitions and format the disk before re instaling.

          also make sure you dont have any cards or usb devices plugged in during windows install


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            Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated
            I am using a copy of XP Pro with SP3 integrated (using N-Lite)
            I have a copy of XP that I N-Lited down to 200mb, so after that one failed I went back to a full version with SP3 and had the same issues

            I had thought it could be a memory issue, luckily I purchased all the parts from the same supplier at the same time, so I can go back to them and insist they help! The stick I currently have is the KVR533D2N4/1G.

            Ill try and get some Crucial RAM or something, and see what happens!



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              just checking you put the drivers for the motherboard into the n-lite install?


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                have you run memtest86 to check your ram?

                I was getting random errors installing windows with this board to a USB drive, if you've got some time to burn and a spare ide hard drive lying around, try installing to IDE and see how that goes?


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                  Start by removing all unnecessary hardware, wireless lan and so on.

                  then try again...

                  I have seen this one once and it was a USB W-LAN device driver that was causing it.


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                    hi there
                    sorry for the delay replying. i returned the board and ram to the supplier who said it was a memory fault and replaced it.
                    It all arrived back today, and exactly the same issue! I havent n-lited the drivers into the image, but different XP discs error at slightly different places.

                    I ran Memtestx86+ and got memory errors on the last time, but not tried it since the new ram arrived.

                    I may ask them for another brand of ram next!


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                      try turning OFF the sound and USB when installing.. also have you done a proper format on your HD

                      ive had goofie errors on installing XP in the past and have had to 0 write the drive then put fresh partitions and re format it with the windows installer before its worked. seagate have a bootable CD iso you can d/l from them that lets you 0 write the drive.. any other partitions will be removed eg whole drive is totally wiped


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                        Hi again,
                        I always try and reply where people have offered advice!

                        This finally got resolved. As someone had suggested, it was a memory issue, the board doesnt seem to like Kingston RAM. I fitted a piece of HP ram I had spare, and it worked perfectly!

                        Very strange problem!!

                        Hopefully this will b helpful to anybody else who has issues with this motherboard!!