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XM Power/Freeze Problem

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  • XM Power/Freeze Problem

    I have the XMD 1000 working for the most part. I have a problem where if the unit has been on for more than a few hours it seems to freak out. Either fuzzy sound coming out the audio ports (sounds like clipping), or no control at all via the PC (I boot fresh every time, no hibernation). The only way to fix the problem is to unplug the mini din cable, wait a few secs and plug it back in. Then I re-launch RR and it seems to work fine.

    I am guessing it to be a Power Issue. It is supplied power all the time by splitting the 12v cable from my battery to the amp & xmd (if this correct?). The box gets somewhat warm, im not sure if its over heating the components or what.

    Can anyone provide any suggestions?