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Problem with PC powering down

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  • Problem with PC powering down

    hey guys,

    i have a acc. for the computer that turns on and off with the ignition... i found a power source with the old radio wire harness. WHen tested it does deliver power when key is on and does shut off when key is off. yet when i shut the truck off the computer just does a hard restart. Then i have to wait for it to boot up and shut it off manually through the windows start button. I am using the m2-atx and i am %99 sure i have the jumper in the right spot...



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    For one, you really shouldn't be using stock radio wires for a CarPC; they usually aren't rated high enough for the amps a carpc can draw, and you're risking an electrical fire there.

    As to why it's restarting and not shutting down, it wouldn't suprise me if you're pulsing the power wire from something else that's on the same power line as the radio harness (check your car manual to see what else is on that fuse, for example.) Some things in a car, like the guages or the heater fan, can pulse a charge back once the ignition is turned off which, however small, might be confusing your m2-atx.


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      so i should try another acc. location?


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        Do you have the pins from the m2 to the mobo going to the power button and not the reset button?


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          you should really run a power wire directly from the battery.
          and only use the ACC wire as a trigger, powering a relay if you want the power switched.

          as well as


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            i am running the power wire from the battery. As for the acc. wire.. when i remove the wire from the keyed acc spot.. it shuts down like it should but if i do it with the key it restarts.. i double checked the pins and all is good


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              ahhh... look for another acc wire, like the cig lighter one to test.
              as someone said there could be something weird on that same acc source.

              put a meter on the acc and see if it drops to earth when its "off"