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Anyone done or seen an eee Box install?

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  • Anyone done or seen an eee Box install?

    Hey all, I have been reading and lurking for a while since I decided none of the Nav units satisfied me and that I had to build my own headunit( too hard, not enough time ) or a carPC. I want to do this on a budget of less than $1000 so originally I was toying with using an eee PC because it came with a 7" screen. Once I read about sunlight readability and realized the screen would suck, I started looking at other LCDs but was still going to use the eee pc because its cheap for the features. Then I saw that the eee box came out. 1.6 ghz Atom processor and 802.11n with an external antenna connector are both very attractive for only $350. Has anyone else undertaken an eee box install yet? The other unit I was considering is a used Core Solo mac mini from ebay, which seem to run around ~400 on eBay. The Mac Mini is appealing because I could fit in in the bay under my stereo in my 08 Altima. There are already some threads of people who have done this. I dont think the eee box would quite fit down there because its wider. But it is only 1 inch thick, and will probably fit in my glovebox or definitely under the passenger seat. What do you guys think about the eee box vs a mac mini for a budget system? I would run windows on the mini btw, so this is strictly a hardware question. Thanks for input.