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Trouble with Nano-ITX motherboard

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  • Trouble with Nano-ITX motherboard

    Ok. I guess it's my fault and I hope it's not shot yet.

    Everything was working (on bench)
    Before installing OS, I started BIOS setup and set screen to "LCD" Of course, I have VGA signal, but I did that since I use Lilliput. My fault but oh well...

    After that - screen won't power up also I see light on keyboard.
    So, I powered off, clear CMOS by moving jumper to other position and returning it back.

    It didn't work. I still see keyboard light but no display..

    So, I powered off, removed and reinstalled battery on MB.
    Now I have NOTHING. No light on KB, no nothing.

    What do I do now?!


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    There may be a jumper you have to connect on the mobo while the battery is out to force erasure of the settings. Then dont forget to remove the jumper before rebooting. That is how my Via board is. And by the way, many others have made the same mistake setting to LCD screen, I did it once too.


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      Phew. I "fixed" it. Looks like first initial boot requires PWR ON button from M2-ATX and after that it works without. I already forgot about it. Now it works..