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Via EN15000 dead. What to do?

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  • Via EN15000 dead. What to do?

    Up to a few days ago, the pc in my car was working great.
    The setup was a Via EN15000 mobo with 512Megs ram.
    Then I installed a new power button (the momentary switch that turns on/off the power supply) and ever since, all has died.
    I don't know if the new switch did something... I can't imagine what it could have done, but it acts funny. I push the button once, and the PC turns on (the fans power up) and then a few seconds it turns off.
    Very strange.

    So anyway, now I've taken the computer indoors to try to get things working.
    The computer won't even post. I've hooked up a regular PC powersupply to it (since I don't have 12v inside the house)
    I've tried pulling the CMOS battery, as well as using the "Clear CMOS" jumper.

    The fans spin up, the HD starts to spin, but otherwise, not ever a beep. Just a black screen.

    I'm at a loss right now, and I do consider myself pretty computer savy...
    Any thoughts on what else I can try?

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    Just tried a second PC power supply, and everything booted up nicely...
    Hmmm... Need to investigate more.

    Maybe something was overheating while the PC was in the car, and it wouldn't turn on...?