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    Just wondering if anyone, by any chance, knows how I can connect up an input on my Kenwood KDC-4080R without buying the AUX adapter which is something stupid like 25.

    Thanks for any help


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    if you already own a cd changer and don't mind hacking it up then try what i did. kenwood aux in page

    if you want to build one then i think it deals with putting a resister between two of the pins in the 13 pin cable, which ones i have no clue, sorry. If your headunit is old then talk on the board is that it NEEDS to talk to the cd changer FIRST before the aux in channel can work. If your headunit is a new style then i think you could come up with a homemade cable that people had heard about but no links have ever been supplied. Maybe that $25 cable's not lookin that bad right now eh....... might save you a lot of time. Also try the search button and type in "Kenwood Aux In".
    Good luck, and welcome to the board.
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      Well, I know that it doesn't need to talk to a CD changer, Kenwood do a simple adapter that plugs into the DIN on the back of the headunit and has 2 RCA plugs on it.

      Might just buy the adapter, not sure if I can really be bothered with the hassle of making my own, unless it's really simple.

      Thanks anyway