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Looking at getting rid of my D3 in my 03 VW Jetta

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  • Looking at getting rid of my D3 in my 03 VW Jetta

    I am looking at putting a new system in my car. I like my D3 and what it can do, I just think it is time for a change and the D3 software in clunky and I can't do everything that I would like to do. My goal with my new install is to have a mobile office and an entertainment system. I would like the base of my ststem to be Mac based but I am open to Linux. I would like to keep as many of the same features as I have now and I would like to add mobile internet (Wifi and Cellular) I would also like to be able to control different sources on different screens.

    What I have now in my car:

    - Pioneer AVIC-D3
    - XM Radio w/ traffic
    - Sirius Radio
    - Bluetooth
    - HD Radio
    - Multi-disc DVD
    - Back-up Camera
    - iPod adapter
    - Dual headrest monitors for rear (same video source)
    - 8" monitor up front for DVD playback
    - iPod video dock
    - DVI/3mm Jack to RCA to hook up to my Macbook Pro

    - JL Audio ZR650-Csi (front and Rear)
    - JL Audio HD Series HD600/4 powering the speakers
    - Rockford Fosgate Power T600-2
    - 2 JL Audio 10W7-3 Subs

    - Valentine 1
    - VAG-COM Professional (serial or USB)

    What I have around the house:

    - Intel Mac Mini
    - G5 Power Mac
    - 12 Powerbook
    - (2) iSight Cameras
    - Finger Print Scanner
    - Mobile Printer
    - Airport Extreme
    - Airport Express
    - Express Card 3G Data Card
    - Express Card to PC Card
    - Express Card to USB
    - Powered Cellular Antenna
    - USB Hubs
    - External DVD Drives
    - 12" LCD Monitor
    - (2) TB Harddrives

    My budget is $6500 plus Software plus whatever instillation is going to cost (i have an audio shop owner that owes me a large section of free labor) I am willing to you any of the components that are in my car now or what I have sitting around the house. I would like to control as much of my vehicle (AC / AV / VAG / Alarm / Home automation) from 2 touchscreens in the center console. Then I am wanting to have the 12" screen come up in the passenger seat for videos for my passenger or for them to browse the internet or watch videos via the Slingbox I have at my home. I would like to use biometric fingerprint reading to start my car, and to open certain programs (VAG-COM mostly). I would like the system to integrate in the V1 and my under-body kits and the accent lighting that I have throughout the car.

    So I am wanting to know what components and systems you think would be the best and fit within my budget that would give me the most bang for my buck and to make my system better I am open to any ideas or suggestions. The interior is the last step in my custom Jetta and I have not skimped on anything else in the car. I am stripping the interior down to bare metal this weekend so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.