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    I have had nothing but trouble trying to add serial ports to the computer (stupid MB with only one). I just got a Xircom multi-function hub. It plugs into the USB port and gives me 4 serial ports and two more USB ports. I used the most up to date drivers to install it and everything looks fine. It installed ports 2 through 5. No conflicts or errors. When I plug in a serial device it lights up the LED showing a device is connected and in the utility program it shows a device connected but I can't access the device. I tried putting my mouse on this and it didn't recognize it. I have also tried the serial adapter for my alarm which works fine when plugged into the port on the MB.

    Who's a guy gotta kill around here to just have a couple more serial ports anyway?

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    can you update the firmware?


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      I have two BAFO BF-810 USB to Serial converter that work great. They are less then $20 so you might buy some of them.
      Comp. Specs:Shuttle SS40G, Athlon XP 1700+, 256MB DDR, 40GB HD, Belkin Desktop 802.11b card (good range), SB 128 sound (onboard is a bit noisy), DVD ROM
      Toshiba 100CS laptop, P75 40mb ram, 550MB HD, Megahertz LAN/modem PC card, modified to run off 12VDC
      Other stuff:Generic USB hub & USB to serial adapters, BS2SX power control system w/battery buffer, Jazz 300W Inverter, FM Modulator, Palm Vx, & GPS

      Status: 80% complete (Almost done with the controle boxes)