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CPU usage, have I hit the hardware limit?

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  • CPU usage, have I hit the hardware limit?

    First off, Iím really sorry this is so long, if you havenít clicked ďbackĒ yet, please bear with me

    I have the Jetway J7F5M1G5D-VDE-PB motherboard with a 1.5 GHz processor. I purposely bought this one over the J7F2 series because of itís ability to share up to 128 MB memory for video. I have 1 gig ram installed and 128 set to share in the cmos. When I run Roadrunner with the DFX skin, with music playing my cpu usage fluctuates in the teens % usually. With the visualization in the background of the main screen, my cpu usage is at ~50% and the scrolling title/artist area is not perfectly smooth. If I have iGuidance running at the same time, CPU is at least 80%+ and the visualization is pretty much worthless. Iím just running one of the spectrum analyzers, not any crazy multi-color intense visualizations. Also videos with iGuidance running are not smooth. Iím running DFX with the still photo & compass in the center of the screen.

    Now Iíve read the threads on optimization and speeding up Roadrunner, hereís what Iíve done:

    Updated Bios (less than one month old I believe)
    Nlited Windows to around 350 MB installed, minimal services running.
    Updated driverís on everything (video drivers are less than 2 months old, agp & chipset maybe 3 or 4 I forget)
    Disabled my page file
    Turned down video acceleration. (tried all settings, one or two notches down works best)
    Flash 9, Flash 9 with renamed ocx file from guinoís thread, Flash 8, Flash 8 with renamed ocx from guinoís thread (these are the correct full flash installs as per the install exe file, not a browser plugin)
    Video at both 16-bit and 32-bit (roadrunner thread recommends 16-bit is faster, winamp AVS actually says 32-bit is faster because of floating point math)
    ďWait for retraceĒ turned off and slider between 1/4 and 1/2 way in visualizations config

    Iíve got a fresh install down to a science now after doing it at least a dozen times in the past week. The only things I install after windows are winamp 5.13, roadrunner binary then weather fixed version, dfx 4, flash, iguidance, xport, ffdshow for video codecs, firefox. Iíve got a 7200 rpm laptop drive in there although I donít think that would effect the cpu usage in this case. My cold boot time is ~20 secs including POST, and Iím actually to a point where minlogon didnít make any difference for me. Basically Iím super streamlined.

    If I give roadrunner high priority in task manager, videos will run alright, visualizations aren't smooth, iguidance gets slow. If I give roadrunner and iguidance high priority, visualizations are worthless, and music will start skipping. If I give winamp high priority, visualizations run perfect but title/artist info get really bad and iguidance is almost unusable.

    Basically Iím wondering, have I really hit the hardware limit of this board already? I havenít even gotten OBD-II running yet, but at this rate thereís no point since I donít think the gauges would display in realtime. I've tried switching back to 64 MB video in the cmos and didn't even notice a difference, which doesn't seem right. I've also tried various options like setting video ram cacheable to enabled, with no luck.

    Any suggestions?

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    Does that motherboard allow you to plug in an external video card? That alone will solve your problem (assuming you get a good video card).


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      You have not hit a hardware limit, you have hit a software limit

      I do all of the above smoothly running a via M10000. You need to optomize the software some, and running a resource hog like DFX skin is going to cause a slowdown.
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        I have a MII 10000 tweaked out with changes to Bios/Windows/Services. All the tweaks mentioned.

        I also installed a 256MB Nvidia card (maybe overkill) and it didn't affect my CPU usage much. I thought it would make a difference but not really.

        There is something different in the last update with RR and DFX 4. I know I don't have the fastest CPU but after update it increased about 10-20%.

        However, I do like the DFX 4 features/options/style it provides, so I have to give on something.


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          "My cold boot time is ~20 secs including POST"

          That's a long time my friend. I originally had a nlited copy of xp streamlined etc but with compatibility issues, I just went with a full version.

          It takes about 20 secs to boot up. The Nlite version...well I saw the bios screen, then would go black, I would see the XP logo for a second, then black again and then the desktop would be up!

          How much space do you have on your hard drive left? Leaving atleast 30% free space helps.

          What 7200rpm laptop hard drive do you have?? RPM does not equal data throughput!!