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VIA EPIA M 9000 - sound card question....

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  • VIA EPIA M 9000 - sound card question....

    How good is the sound card on this motherboard? Should I get another sound card like: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinium, Sound Blaster Extigy or Turtle Beach - Santa Cruz.

    Is it worth the money to get one of these sound cards or should I just use the one in the motherboard?

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    I have the EPIA M, and I'm actually pretty happy with its quality.

    Gone is the day where people laugh at integrated audio...



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      Because I'm going to go straight into amps (no head unit) I had a big concern about that. I have the board and the Audio works great. I haven't gone into the 5.1 mode but like I said, I'm very satisfied with the normal 2 channel audio.


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        I use the onboard audio of my mini-itx mobo straight into the amp of the car, and it sounds really good.
        You'll need however to find a way to have the jack stay in the connector (a rubber band did it for me), because it unplugs itself with all the vibrations in the car.
        If you get noise, it's because the set up is not properly grounded.
        I don't need no stinkin' startup-shutdown controller... That's what journalized filesystems are for...
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