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Hard disc screws/bolts

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  • Hard disc screws/bolts

    Ok i did search but getting tired now and couldnt find anything.

    What im looking for is what size are the machine screws that hold hard discs in place. im looking at bolting mine to a sheet of mdf that will house everything in the boot.
    like ive said ive searched but couldnt find anything about the size on here. so i thought id check out myself. now i knew by looking that they were smaller than M4 so thought id check M3. Now they seemed the right size but wrong thread, so back to the net.
    after checking out a few sites i came across the size #6-32 is this correct and if so is this a UNC size? checking out uk ebay i turned up unc6-32 i just want to check this is correct before going ahead and ordering then finding out there the wrong size

    cheers in advance
    Prob 60% complete