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  • Wyse Winterm V90

    Been lurking here off and on for a while, just now decided to sign up and post.

    What im wondering is if anyone has any luck using a Wyse Winterm v90 as a carpc? So far i have upgraded the internal storage to 8GB with a usb flash drive, and i have it running WindowsXP Instead of that XPe garbage.

    I just purchased and am waiting for one of them Auto Power on Modules from W3BMA5T3R.
    So im wondering if I will also need an inverter to run the Winterm? ive checked with the AC/DC Power supply output specs and it outputs 12V DC, same as any car. I was thinking just wire it straight into the vehicle and have it use the vehicle's power supply? Im not smart enough with electrical components to know if there is anything else it needs.

    I have so many questions it's unfit, but ill stop there for now

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    Ever make any progress with this? I just purchased a wyse v90 and am waiting for it to arrive so I can use it as NAS. I was thinking about it though, and these would make good car pc units as well from the specs I read.... How did you use a USB drive for a larger flash??


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      I've put the project on the backburner for a while but I've picked at it here and there. I actually scrapped the idea of the usb drive for updated storage, But when i did, it was with any off the shelf USB thumbdrive and i used the internal usb header to wire in a usb port so it wouldnt be hanging out. It did work, but you have to edit the windows xp setup files to allow it to be installed to the thumbdrive. It turned out to be a little bit too slow to be usable.

      Instead of using a usb drive to update the internal storage, I just picked up a 44pin laptop IDE ribbon and used a laptop ide harddrive. I havent had a chance to test it yet, but im confident that it will work.


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        I saw that the flash drive was IDE... I was wondering if you could use a regular laptop IDE hdd with this box, but if I am going to go that route, I may as well get one of those Dual Core atom 'nettops' and call it a day. I know these have the VIA c3 1.0 in them, so the Atom would probably blow it out of the water..


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          Yeah, i can confirm that it does run a regular 2.5" IDE drive. I have one sitting here right now running a SATA drive using a 44pin IDE to SATA converter. It's running windows XP.

          Performance is much better with the IDE drive compared to the original flash drive.

          Originally posted by jbraddoc View Post
          I know these have the VIA c3 1.0 in them, so the Atom would probably blow it out of the water..
          Yep. These really can't perform under much load. They're fine for playing mp3s or whatever, but they wont allow playing of videos or stuff like that.
          I don't have any GPS hardware/software around to test playing music and using gps at the same time, so i dont know how it would handle that.

          My guess is not very well.