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dual usb cigarette replacement

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  • dual usb cigarette replacement

    I'm going nuts with this one. Ever remember seeing something but forget where you saw it at? I'm trying to find a dual version of the single usb cigarette replacement from the mp3car store. I've tried googling it but everything that comes up is something that plugs into the cigarette lighter and doesn't replace it. The forms that I've searched only had single usb versions or how to build your own. I was wanting to keep this as a last resort. Thanks in advance for any help in the hunt.
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    Can't speak to how reputable the shop is, but...
    4-port adaptor

    Ack, my bad, you're looking for a replacement.
    Just hack it open and solder the wires. Wrap the converter board in electrical tape or clear coat to prevent shorts, and make a nice hole for the USB ports to live in.