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  • 1 Din CD Enclosure

    Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Basically I want to slap together a 5-1/4" CD drive, USB/power adaptor, and put it into the area under my Xenarc screen. It'd be nice not to have to pay a premium for a USB DVD drive and install it inside the Xenarc as has been done, plus get the speed boosts from a full CD. (20x write speed, Blu-Ray possibly, etc.)

    Pretty sure it could be done, since the CD drive is smaller than a car stereo. Maybe just use standoffs or adapt an old drive cage?

    One caveat would have to be that some older (and very rarely newer) drives would be too deep to fit.

    Anyway, if it's been done before that's great, otherwise I might be posting a tut in a while. Seems like this would be a useful thing.

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    Failing that, I did find this, which is a very low-profile converter from a 50-pin laptop DVD drive to USB. I may go that way just to have my Civic's "pocket" back.