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Question about laptop HDDs

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  • Question about laptop HDDs

    I was reading on the forum that people seemed to have better luck with laptop HDDs for the obvious reason that they are build to take more vibrations etc... because they are in a portable computer. So if i was going to choose between a regular PC HDD, and a laptop HDD i would pick the laptop. But this is where i run into my problem. I wanted the HDD to be removable.

    So has anyone out there been able to have a removable laptop HDD work with the computer in the car, and in the PC in the house?

    If this is too hard to do, or would cost too much money, do you think wireless ethernet would be another solution? Just put a wireless NIC in the car computer, and have a wireless hub in my house, and just send data to the computer when its in my driveway.

    Also, i have never used a wireless network, but for the people that might have done this, does it take awhile to transfer a full album say 100mb (Mega Bytes) over a wireless connection?

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    USB and Firewire


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      get yourself a USB 2.0 enclosure off of eBay (that is if your MB has USB 2.0)
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        Getting a firewire/usb2 external enclosure is one option, the other would be to get a removable hd rack with adapter rails (to make the laptop hdd atachable to the desktop sized removable hdd rack).

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          where do they have laptop HDDs that are usb? and if so could it be your primary drive with the OS on it? because if the OS wasn't on the usb laptop drive, then the OS would also have to be on its own drive. and i think it would be better just to have one internal laptop with wireless, then two laptop drives in the computer.


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            most recent mobos have boot to usb devices, just have to look at your mobo and figure it out. Mine itself has boot to usb... harddrive, floppy, cdrom, plus I think firewire stuff but Im not quite sure.
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              I did a real fast search on google. here is something:
              enclosures like these do not need an external power source because they run off of the usb power. You could run a usb cable to your glove compartment or something and have the external drive in there.

              here is a link to a usb booster cable if you need extra length (don't we all!).
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                So if i use the USB Pocket HDD with the Shuttle SK41G I could put the HDD, on my golve box for easy access and should be able to boot from it. Another question if i use USB 2.0 in my car, if i didn't upgrade my computer in my house to USB 2.0, will the USB 1.0 connection on the computer still work, in otherwords is it backwards compatible?

                Would i also be able to hook up an LCD with a touchscreen control to the computer and still leave the PCI slot open for my SB sound card?

                if not, would i just have to use the TV Out/DIV AGP card that you can buy for the shuttle board, and run the composite out to a car audio LCD screen. or can you find LCDs as small as 6, 7 inchs that have a DIV connector?


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                  yes it is backwards compatible.. it will be very slow on the usb 1 though I don't know much about lcds. but here is a place to see a bunch of cheap lcds:
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                    how do you have your computer connected to your MA Audio LCD?


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                      Regular NTSC video cable. It works fine for that screen, if the screen was 8" or large I would want a vga connection. But for smaller screens I think video is fine.
                      sv24, 733mhz celeron, 80gig hd, 5.6" MA Audio tft, x10 remote, RF Keyboard.