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Lilliput wierd behaviour

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  • Lilliput wierd behaviour

    Hello, i'm quite new to the carputer thing , though i've been "plating" with both cars and computers quite alot before...

    Anyway my problem is that when i power my Lillipuit 889 on i just get a black screen , though the rest of the screen (power indicators) behave as they should, i just cant seem to get an image on the screen.

    I've detached the ribbon cable between the screen and controller board and re-attached it without results.

    My thought is that the controller board is fried, but without another 889 to test i just cant be sure , so my second question is , where can i get spares for my 889 ?

    Thanks // Pirate

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    Have a read of the Lilliput FAQ.

    On several occasions I though I'd stuffed my Lilli but have found that I just missed something. Those ribbon cables are tricky. Make sure it is set to PC by default. Test with another monitor to be sure the signal is there etc etc