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  • Problem with soundboard

    i have a problem with my computer.

    It plays sound ok, but the sound is slightly "disturbed".

    This condition occurs both in car and inside the house.

    the disturbance is best described as "lesping" ?? dunno if its actually a word in english. Short description: when an actor in a movie is talking he gets a bit "gay", with long s's and flat t's.

    I have tried with three different soundcards a sb16, a sb32awe, a sb64awe. All boards are ISA based, and i have a funny feeling that this is what is causing my problems.

    First it ran on the windows drivers, i tried to use the updated driver from soundblaster, but it didnt really change it (actually got a bit worse).

    The computer is a 400mhz celeron, with 32(tested it with 96) mb ram (running a slightly lightened win98).

    Funny thing is i know i have meet this problem before but just ended up buying some crappy pci card.

    Is my only real option here to do the same again and give up on the old isa ones? or does anyone know about a solution to this problem ...

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    sounds to me like your soundcard is somehow outputting at 22khz... there are some posts on here relating to this, and i think a solution is there, somewhere.... good luck.

    ps: i have feeling magnetik posted a solution, try searching his posts.
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      yeah I did, but sadly that solution only works with winamp/mp3's..

      the issue is that DirectX is cutting the freq to 22Khz since the bandwidth on the ISA bus is alot less than that on a PCI bus. DirectX thinks its doing you a favour, but infact u end up with poor sound.....

      the directsound crossfasing plugin for winamp has a tick box cure for this problem, but sadly that wont cure your movie woes...

      the funny thing was I has this trubble with a PCI Vibra 128, but reading around a bit, the chipset itself is just a ISA card in PCI clothing, and thats why DirectX saw it as an ISA card....
      Project - GAME OVER :(


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        Thanks guys

        I had a funny feeling that it was related to the fact that it was ISA cards. I will go buy a more usable soundcard for the computer and get it over with.