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thumbpad keyboards?

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  • thumbpad keyboards?

    Has anyone thought about adapting one of these to PS/2 output and using it in the car. It is nice and compact. How hard would it be to adapt it to PS/2. I know there are PS/2 to palm convertors so I would think it could work the other way too.


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    i have had a short look at the keypad for a cellphone (Ericsson), but it had an internal chip to handle the communication with the cell phone so i had to give it up.

    But if they can convert an ordniary keyboard to palm it should be possible to go the other way as well.

    keep us posted if you choose to give it a try


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      Well i found some ways to interface to the serial port but i don't have an extra serial port so i probably won't use this idea but here is some info if someone wants it

      Also, that ericsson chatboard you were talking about can be interfaced to a ps2port as described here:

      I might try to do this when i get some time but for now I think i am going to settle for an on-screen keyboard.


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        anyone know what kind of software/drivers you'd need to run a serial keyboard on a windoze box?