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Where can I find a small power distribution block?

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  • Where can I find a small power distribution block?

    I've been trying really hard to find a smaller gauge distribution block with no success. I need something that can accept around a 10 gauge power wire with about five 12-16ish gauge outputs. It will be used to hardwire smaller accessory items like a portable GPS unit, radar detector, etc. All I can find are distro blocks for car audio but they are way too big and don't have enough outputs. Has anyone ever seen something like this? If I can't find one, are there any alternatives?
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    Radio Shack has terminal strips w/ jumpers. Or try someplace like McMaster-Carr, or someplace like that for Dune Buggy type aftermarket add-on fuse blocks or something.

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      use a fuse block.

      you can buy the fuse block pictured above model at autozone.
      just crimp a ring terminal onto your 10 gauge power wire and crimp blade connectors onto your smaller gauge output wires. this keeps everything neat, protected (each output is individually fused), and can be disconnected quickly and easily.

      radio shack probably sells fuse blocks as well. if you have no stores near you. then there are several online stores that sell them, many have a bigger selection than the local stores do. this site has a few nice fuse blocks to choose from.

      good luck
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        That's the kind of thing I was talking about.