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Jetway 1.2 edan J7F4K

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  • Jetway 1.2 edan J7F4K

    Hey all

    has anybody used this board in a carputer install ?
    done a search on ebay looking for what i could pick up cheaply, found this sitting at 9 ($18) put in a max bid and won it for 42 ( $85) supposed to be roughly double this to buy.

    specs that i have for it are
    1.2G fanless edan think its C7 processor
    with 1 Gb of 533 ram ( already have sitting in the house )

    looking at maybe installing this as a starting board in the carputer ( OK dummy carputer in the house ) install, with the eventual plan of making it a media centre in the living room.

    wanted to get some experience of building up the whole thing before going to build the carpter. in other words i dont wanna c**k it up majorly

    Cheers for any info

    Paul Garner
    the gooner

    did do a search but it didnt turn up much
    Prob 60% complete

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    Jetway mobos have a really bad track record for CarPCs, but it's mostly issues relating to power. In the house it'll probably be fine I would think.

    In the end, I'd stay away from jetway. Even my JNC62K mobo from Jetway (newest of new practically) has some issues with powering up in the car.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      cheers did wonder when i didnt see anybody using it.
      Prob 60% complete