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  • Video Card Problem

    Got an ATi radeon 7000 based video card recently, and it's worked fine over the last 3 months. Until a few days ago. When the video overlay stopped working. All my videos are not really choppy and pixeleated. Whats even wierder is when a make the video fullscreen in mediaplayer, it doesn't scale the image up at all. It runs at it's original size in the bottom left of the screen.

    I havent put and wierd software on there, or updated any drivers. i've tried disableing powerstrip and even tried windows 98 and windows xp, and i get the same thing.

    Would updating the drivers help? This should be covered by the warranty wouldn't it (if it's a hardware fault)?
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    I would remove the Ati drivers, rebooting between each un-install.

    Download and install the latest.

    That is the proper way, whether or not it helps is another thing...



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      Also reinstall DirectX.
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        ok, cheers. I`m downloading the latest drivers as i type this. Hopefully i'll get this sorted, it's really annoying.

        -=:Update:=- just un-installed the old ATI drivers off the system, rebooted, and now the system won't boot at all! it hangs after the xp boot logo disappears, and the screen stays black. I tried safe mode, and the last file to load before it hanged was "mup.sys"... i can't believe that it won't even boot to safe mode. Gonna see what windows 98 thinks of it in a minute.

        -=:Update 2:=- This is wierd. XP does actually boot up. If i put in a cd, it actually autoruns. The display is just black the whole time. I can even hear the sound if i put in a vcd! Also, windows 98 is just fine (havent tampered with it yet)... but i really need XP to work. This is my main box... i need to get it working soon. Help!
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          check to see if the TV out or a second monitor plug is active as your main screen.


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            good idea.... tried it, but no luck. The same thing is displayed on all 3 outputs (blank screen most of the time). Sometimes it hangs on the blue disk checking screen, when it appears. It doesn`t always do what i described above where i could still hear the sound from the vcd. it only done that once, and it's never done it again.

            i`m thinking that i might have to chuck all my stuff onto a tape, formatt and put on xp again.
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              Wipe and Reload.

              It's for the best anyway.

              Once your system starts acting weird it always seems hopeless.

              Who knows, now that you know what you want to install, it will be a nice clean install that's speedy, speedy...



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                Suppose it's for the best... I've also been having usb troubles anyway.

                I'll see if i can get SP1 for XP and put that on aswell...

                It's gonna take most of today to back 30gigs of stuff up tho, i'm just glad that windows 98 still works.

                Thanx for the help
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