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  • Video slowdown

    Hi all

    i'm running a Jetway J7F2 1.5GHz C7 CN700 Mainboard with 1 gb of ram.

    I'm experiencing a lot of slowdown not only on Videos but also on visualisations as well. I'm using CF as a front end, but have also tested with Windows Media Player and am experiencing the slowdown in that as well.

    The audio stream plays fine (may stutter once in a while) but the actual video runs really slow.

    I think the board has 64mb of shared video...should this be enough? do i need to upgrade the m/b? what else can i do to get better video / vis playback??

    Any help would be great!


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    Have been reading around and have seen the D945GCLF2 is getting a lot of mention at the moment.

    I can pick one of these up for about 75 / $150. Would i see much of an improvement over what i am running at the moment? (Jetway J7F2 1.5GHz C7 CN70) I think i'm going to lose the the PCMCIA expansion slot that my current MOBO gives me, but i can always use a USB 3G modem instead.

    Please advise



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      i went ahead and got the D945GCLF2 and it was the best choice i have made. my video's work seamlessly with no hang and CF is really responsive.

      Yes the boot up time is probably 4-5 seconds longer, but an easy trade off with the performance improvements!!

      i have a feeling that i can bring the boot time by another 1-2 seconds by twaeking the bios and services.

      All in all a great swap, and highly recommended if you are suffering from preformance issues using CF.