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Top Carpc choices for M2-ATX

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  • Top Carpc choices for M2-ATX

    yep, I've had it with my Jetway J7F5. On my 2nd problematic board so good riddens. Warranty is meaningless, as it doesn't cover time wasted.

    I am looking for a board that can work within my M2 PSU with the following criteria:
    1. Windows XP
    2. RoadRunner front end
    3. IG4 paird with USB GPS
    4. HD radio on com port
    5. At least 5 audio 3.5 ports
    6. at least 4 usb on back
    8. At least 1.5 GHZ processor and upgradeable
    9. run a zenarc VGA 700
    10. 2 smart fan connectors
    11. run relatively cool and be hard in extreme environments (4x4 useage)

    without respect to price, what are peoples recommendations? Based on the latest and greatest out there, I think the constraint of the M2 is the biggest one. Stability/reliability is the most important criteria to me. I want to stick it in and be done with it.

    I'm looking at the msi fuzzy 465 (socket P) , IEI Kino 9452 (socket P), and 445 (socket M) based on some feedback I found. 445 seems to have a good track record, although I've read elsewhere that MSI customer support is poor and drivers are problematic (only 1 tech comments, but slowed down my purchase to a more deliberate research exercsise). I'm open to others - just no Jetway!

    I don't have a lot of time so I'm ready to buy. This is going into a Land Rover with lots of electrical accessories, so I want to be power sensitive, and that's why I am limiting myself to the M2-ATX wattage (plus it works great for me so far). Thanks in advance for any contributions.

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    the Intel little valley and the new Atom boards are very popular and should meet all your requirements. they are cheap, consume very little power, and perform very well. the CPU clock speeds are a little less than your 1.5GHz, but they should still perform as well or better as the via C7.

    I use the Intel little Valley D201GLY2A with the M2-ATX-HV. I run RR with IG4. it has handled every program/component I've up to it. I have experienced no problems at all with this board so I have nothing but good things to say about it. the new dual-core Atom boards are newer, I probably would have bought that instead but they weren't out yet when I built my system.

    good luck
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