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sv24 video problems again

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  • sv24 video problems again

    Hey people i know that there has been hundreds of threads on the tv out on the sv24 and etc etc but i looked throught some old threads and couldnt find a answer for 2 problems which i have.

    The frist problem is every time i try and use the tv out on the onboard video it all works ok up 2 windows but as soon as it gets into windows it goes unknown display and then i have to re put the video card drivers back on then when i restart its ok. But when i go to turn my pc back on again with the tv out hooked up it just ask for the driver again. Is this a comon problem and can it be fixed. Oh yeah i am in australia and my tv can do Pal which it normally does or ntsc. When i use the tv out on pal the screen looks a bit kinda wavey but when its in ntsc it is all good. Can i fix the problem with it going wavey or is it ok just to run my tv screen in ntsc.

    Last question is when i turn on the sv 24 i have it hooked up to my network it boots up ok into windows, i can see folders on its computer from my other one cause my shuttle has no screen hooked up to it but when i try and access it with a program called win vnc it wont connect to the shuttle. But when i have the monitor hooked up to the shuttle from startup everything works ok and winvnc will conect to the shuttle from my other pc.

    Sorry about all the questions just thought you guys are probally my best chance of fixing these 2 small problems i have.

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    Come on someone has to know something on how to fix this problem


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      I think when your computer posts, the video out is controled by the bio. When Windows boots, the video out is controled by the driver. Maybe the driver is not compatible with the bio. You should try updating to the newest driver and bio. You can find the latest bio at the link below.

      What OS are you using? What version of driver and bio are you using? For me, if theres too many problems with my setup, I just format and reinstall everything. That seems to almost always fix all the problems I have.

      As for VNC, I never had a problem with it. Usually after I came home, I park my truck in the garage, goto my room and VNC the computer in the truck. But then again, I always boot with my monitor on to get the touch screen will work right. Being that I boot with the monitor on, I couldnt tell you rather if this is an isolated issue.
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        Hey thanks for the help man. If this is of any help the driver version i am using is Ver MY bios ver is fv 245s015
        date 2/27/2001
        And the smbios /dmi ver is 2.30
        Oh yeah and im running win 2k