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Im new to the carpc world and was wondering about a board

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  • Im new to the carpc world and was wondering about a board

    was wondering what peoples thoughts were on this board I am planning on just running mp3's and playing dvd's for now I will have a 1g of industrial mem

    I am also going with this monitor

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    any body. I was wondering if the c7 2 ghz was going to be powerful enough for mp3's and playing dvd's


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      I am new to the who car pc so searching for info on it has been like my crack for the past two weeks I rather overkill than to get a M/B that will not keep up. I have heard alot of pros and cons on this board but recently i found some one that said they went through two of these boards and they were done with it so i am going insane as to wich mb to get


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        The brightness on the monitor is not very apealing 700 nits is about the minimum I will settle for. As for the board there are mixed feelings about the jetway but I would try one...
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          I think there are already some reviews of this motherboard on this site. Do a search and you can see what people think of it...

          The fact that it has already been discussed is probably why you are not getting responses.
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            Questions like these are best posted in the Newbie section... it's there for a reason.


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              You can purchase two D201GLY2A or two D945GCLF or two D945GCLF2 motherboards for the price of one Jetway J7F5M2G-VHE Mini-ITX Mainboard, and still have money left over. The motherboards I listed have proven to work well on carpc, and in most cases have more CPU muscle and better video performance.