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  • steering wheel control help


    I have a holden monaro 2002 model (basicly like a pontiac gto) Now im planning to buy the PAC SWI-X for the steering wheel controls and using a infrared reciever for the computer to learn the commands and map them as keyboard strokes.

    I understand there are other ways rather than using the infrared but I dont want to be mucking around with making up controllers and what not, just want it to be simple

    My question is.... What software is available that i can use to learn the infrared signals from the SWI-X and map them as keyboard strokes to use in centrafuse??

    I was thinking of buying a infrared keyboard of some sort and making the SWI-X learn the keyboard signals and just use the IR adaptor of the keyboard... Less mucking around with software, but was wondering if the SWI-X works on certain IR signals and if it would recognize the keyboard IR signals and emulate them??

    Thanx for any input guys... im a bit drunk atm so hope this makes sense.....