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Debugging Radiator usage with MSI tuner card.

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  • Debugging Radiator usage with MSI tuner card.

    This has been bugging me for a while and I still can't sort out what's going on.

    I have this MSI [email protected] Plus card with a Philips SAA7134 chip on it. Both the video tuner and the FM tuner have GREAT reception. In fact I'd put money on the FM side being equal in reception quality to a stock headunit or at least the classic Walkman's of the day.

    Anyways, the card's nice and all but the bundled software suuuuuuucks. The FM side sticks to mono constantly unless I keep the software running, switch to the tv side and go to a channel on cable or antenna that's in stereo, then flip back to FM while not killing the software. And to top that much, it's the only thing I can capture video with that will do full 720x480 but limits me to capturing in mpeg1, mpeg2, or ms mpeg4 in realtime.

    I mostly use the card for the FM section and would love to get some recordability out of it since the audio quality is amazing really and I wouldn't have to tie up a line-in port since it also feeds the audio over the PCI slot.

    I have radiator already installed. Supposedly the flyfm2000 plugin should work as it claims it supports most SAA7134 chipped cards. No luck whatsoever there. Nothing seems to affirm it can see or use the card. I also tried the plain Directshow plugin but it says it cannot find the card even though it has a valid WDM driver installed.

    Now the one thing that has me confused about the Directshow plugin is that I have ran DScaler in Dshow mode and manually switched it to FM mode and manually tuned and it works great. Even locks in to Stereo right off the bat. So I know the Dshow side works.

    Anyone had any similar problems got any debugging advice for this mess? I know Radiator is pretty much the defacto app around here for FM radio use so thought I'd ask here.
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