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trying to put together a PC for my Mini cooper

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  • trying to put together a PC for my Mini cooper

    need some suggestions from you guys. i know theres a couple other MINI's on here with computers in them too.

    to start, i have the 10.4" Shark touchscreen lcd. thats getting molded in my dash.

    next, this is what makes is kind of hard.

    i dont have much room at all to put the actual hardware for the pc

    i have the whole back seat area taken with a wall for 2 18" subs. the back is batts/amps.

    really the only place is behind my front seat, and theres still not much room. i could fit it in the back, but theres NO air flow back there, and id rather not. it might be better vibration wise to have it behind the wall, but theres no airflow what so ever.

    what do you think?

    also, what should i do to make this thing last from the bass? also, im most likely not going to run a head unit, and just use this as my source, so i want a higher end sound card. on board video, etc is fine.

    or should i run a HU as well?

    it might be easier to build my own case rather than buying one. IF i do that, and i make it out of MDF or something and brace it really good (like 2" thick all around) do i have to line the insides with something, before putting in the mobo etc?

    im going to put a slot load cd/dvd in the dash or glove box too, so that doesnt even need to be in the case. also i may run one of those soundblaster external soudn cards, that can go in the glove box, or even in the back with the amps as well.

    lastly, power supply..someone from the car audio forums just built one with the OPUS 320w dc-dc power supply. is this a good PSU? i deff dont want to run an inverter, i wanna run a nice power supply that is dc-dc, will auto shut down or whatever when u turn the car off, etc.

    ideas please


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    personally I like having a HU, i've found it makes life easier for the install, esp if you start getting noise issues

    I have 2 of these and they fit under my seat just (2 cars not 2 in 1 car ) , tho i dont have a mini

    there is a anti vibration kit there somewhere too
    dont put the pc next to the subs and you should be ok, but 2 18"s didnt think there was enough room in a mini for that and a person.. start up a work log and pics please


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      ill post pics later today or in the next few days when i have a chance, theres tons of pics lol.

      heres a pic so far though

      still finishing up little details, and i have to finish glassing the inside of the box lol

      3 of the 5 amps (total it will be 2x 3000ds, 2x 100.2s, and 1x 100.4)

      start of door panels

      16 6.5s and 16 tweeters


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        If your car does NOT have factory navigation then there is a rigid foam block fitted under the driver seat in the carpet that can be removed and gives enough space for a small Car PC.

        its item no 3 here :-

        PS you are mad so is your GP!


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          its not a GP, its an 04 JCW

          i might look into that. just that that out and cut a hole in the carpet, and its like a cubby hole?

          how deep is it?

          this may work, i didnt even think of that, i remember seeing it, and totally forgot. never knew thats where the factory nav was either (i dont have factory nav)


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            The factory Nav computer is DIN size so the space should be DIN deep + a bit.
            There may also be the same space under the other seat as well.

            Could also use in the glovebox or behind the driver side kneebolster panel.

            PS your MCS JCW is still mad.
            MINI COOPER S PRO


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              wow, old thread

              anyways, i decided to go with an ASUS EEE EBXB202.

              300 bux.


              question though. how should i go about getting this powered? the power supply on it im assuming is 12v since the power cord has the converter box in it to convert from the 12v to 120

              ive heard to not use a power inverter becuase they will cause engine noise in my speakers.


              i havent bought the PC yet, but i am going to soon.


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                just be aware that its a single core atom processor. and its running Linux EZOS

                and what does the power adapter output? 12v? 3 or 4 amps?
                if so you will need a power regulator 12v (car 11v to 14v) to 12v or you will kill the eeeeepc. an normal car PSU will do the job but might be a bit over kill.

                look on the mp3car store under psu's


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                  i was going to upgrade to 2GB ram, and install XP pro on it (or XP lite maybe)

                  you think i shouldnt get it based on the single core 1.6?