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1 or 1.5 DIN Stock GM Head Unit

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  • 1 or 1.5 DIN Stock GM Head Unit

    I've already asked this on my car's make forums, but haven't gotten any hits as of yet so I figured I would ask here.

    My predicament is this: I've wanted to do a car computer for a long time, but haven't really had the motivation to do so. Now that we bought a new car I've gotten the motivation and am really looking into it. The wife's biggest concern (and ultimately it's her decision since it's her car) is radio controls. She isn't the world's biggest fan of touch screens and has said she would like to have physical controls where the stock unit is.

    Imagine my joy when I came across this thread about a possible group buy for a 7" motorized flipout touch screen.

    The thought I had was, since this unit is only 1/2 DIN, I might be able to find a 1 or 1.5 DIN head unit to go with it. While I know this would definitely be possible with an aftermarket unit, I was wondering if I could find a stock GM unit that had support for steering wheel controls that worked in my 07 TrailBlazer.

    This question is pretty model specific it seems, but any help or suggestions you guys could offer is greatly appreciated. Here's the link to my car's forum with my post basically stating the same question in case I don't get any hits here, and I will do the same over there.