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VIA EPIA M Sound quality

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  • VIA EPIA M Sound quality


    I'm in the proccess of building the computer for my car and I'm very tempted in buying the EPIA M for it's price tag and for it's size but I want to know how is the sound quality of the onboard sound chip.

    I'm asking because a friend of mine sold me a Sound Blaster Live! 1024 for 10$ and I'm wondering if the sound quality is much better and if it's worth losing the only PCI slot of the EPIA for it.

    What do you think of my dilemma, also I want to hear some general comments about the EPIA regarding it's general quality and possible problems that I or others may have.

    Hope I make sense, thanks all.
    I'll take donations.

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    There issues with the Opus Dc-Dc power supply and the Epia M. Currently it doesnt work with the motherboard. Theyre apparently releasing a new one in a few months which will work. Theres a thread about it in the power supply thread.

    I dont know about the sound though, i dont own the motherboard.
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      From searching around on this and other boards, I've come to the conclusion that its pretty decent for sound. As soon as I bother to connect my EPIA M up, I'll compare it to my SB Live!, which it should be on par with.

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        I have the EPIA M connected to my Cambridge Soundworks setup and it sounds pretty good.

        I also have another PC with a Live! and Cambridge setup as well and while I don't have perfect ears, they both seem to sound pretty good...



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          I see, so then I'll keep the onboard sound from the EPIA, besides I heard of some people having troubles with the combination of VIA board and Sound Blaster and the Live! ones resample the sound to 48khz and that's no good.

          oh and I'll save those 10$
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            My EPIA-M is installed and the sound is way better than I thought it would be. I don't think it's on par with the Audigy I had in my last setup though. The low end doesn't seem to get reproduced like I remember it being with the Audigy...But I'm still sticking with it untill someone comes out with a device with a better than 87db signal to noise ratio, and smaller than an extigy, for USB.
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              I find the sound card to be better, I tried both m any many times and the sound card just puts out a more crisp sound. Also I dont get that annoyng BEEP when I boot up with a sound card. u cant turn that off in the bios on the on board sound card.