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Installing help Infill T3 Computer

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  • Installing help Infill T3 Computer

    Hey Everyone
    Thanks for reading.
    Well i am looking for some advise on installing my Indash computer. I have a 98 Corvette i wish to install in. About six months ago i had a Dual 7 In pop up monitor/TV/DVD Stereo installed. I had it installed from bestbuy(Oh No,lol). The installer tried to us the oem harness to connect the new harness. He said the harness was not connected, so he wired it to the fuse box #18 Fuse HVAC. Well, i used it as it worked for a while, it would pop and reset it self. I wanted basicly the full package, MP3 collection, Nav. I was looking on line and bought a indash PC called the T3 Infill. This is a awsome computer located here.

    So, to make a long story short, i bought it at a good price, and have been trying to get it to run. I paid a guy $200 to install and he did but, shiety. This system has so many wires, you could imagine. Well He used the constant and Acc to the wire at the fuse box that best buy did. Up until a few days ago, it ran ok, but now the front screen isnt working right, the Pc is acting all crazy. I took the dash out and ive tried to see if i could figure it out. The Computer runs on 3 main wires that get extended in a fuse box of its own and then come out as 20 different wires. The three main wires are
    Red to connect to 5volt acc
    Yellow to the +12 Constant on
    Black to the ground wire.
    Can anyone sugjest a easy way?
    As long as i hook up these three, it shall run fine.
    I tried to use the oem harness and it is dead or unplugged, the cig lighter nest to the ashtray doesnt work either.
    When i bought the Vette, the stereo was taken out so i think someone unhooked the harness somewere behind the dash to bypass the security maybe, not sure.
    I have the service manuals from GM but cant seem to trace back the hookups, does anyone know were this may be?

    Thank you for reading, sorry for long writing, if anyone can sugjest anyway, i would greatly appriciate this as i love this car,lol. If i get it installed, ill post some picks of the system.

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    First of all... If you can afford a 'Vette, you can afford a newer, better, more capable, more reliable computer for your ride than an Infill T3.
    The store here sold them, and the majority of users reported problems.
    I would hardly classify the T3 as "awesome".

    Honestly, it sounds like there are more problems with your 'Vette than just the stereo. From your description, it appears that someone has altered the electrical system. For safety and reliability, I'd take it to a GM dealer and have them look into the problem. If the previous owner jacked up the electrical system, I wouldn't expect it to be a cheap fix.

    As far as the wiring for your T3, the EASY way to wire those three is as such:
    Constant 12v straight to the battery (+) terminal
    Ground to a grounding point on the chassis or the (-) terminal on the battery.
    ACC 12v to a line that is on when the ignition is on. Typical ACC sources are the radio harness, cigarette lighter, or an ignition-controlled circuit in the fuse panel.

    As far as finding various lines to tap into, The 12Volt has wiring information for a lot of different models.
    You say you have a service manual, and it should contain the same information, as well.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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