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  • computer compents?

    Hey guys I'm a newbie so I hope someone can help. First off let me give a little background. I own a 95 talon, orignialy I had came up with the computer idea by myself (little did I know there was an entire web forum on in car computers, I thought it was an origninal idea), oh well. I have little knowlege (read NONE) when it comes to laptop/notebook computers. But what I have learned are that these componets cannot be mixed and matched (unlike desktop components.

    So here's my plan:

    I want a decent computer (600-900Mhz, preferably a P3 or athalon), great sound and decent enough video to be able to watch DVDs on a DVD-ROM. Oh, and preferably a touch screen about 8" to 10" inches.

    Here's what I have come across:

    I found a motherboard with integrated everything (sound, video, LAN, and even processor). I'm still kinda fuzzy on exactly what kind of board it is but here's what I know:
    The guy said it was a "Amtron" (not sure if I heard him right because when I went to search for it online I found nothing). And something about a "VIA giga pro" (not sure if that was the board name or the processor name). The integrated processor is a 700Mhz. This sounds like a great deal to me because all I need now is the dvd-rom, some ram, harddrive, and the LCD w/ touch screen. This sounds like a great way to go, the board is a normal size, but since everything is intgrated I figure it saves a lot of space. the best part is it's only $100!

    My questions:

    Does this board sound good to you guys? Has anyone heard of this board before? I'm assuming since the board is so cheap (and since it is integrated) the sound on it kinda sucks, so will I be able to buy a better sound card and install or would I be stuck with the integrated POS (bescially can I disable the onboard soundcard enable to use a better one later on)? How does this processor compare to say a Intel or AMD chip (I'm not familiar with VIA). I would be purchasing a LCD kit fomr LCD earth so would this LCD kit work with the integrated video card?
    thanks guys just a few more questions (these aren't realted to the above).
    What is a Single board computer (and/or a pc/104)? And if you guys used a regular cd/dvd-rom drive (the type with a tray) would it skip? If so what do you use instead? What about a regular desktop harddrive (does it need some sort of shock protection) or do you need to use a laptop harddrive?

    Whew! I don't think I ever wrote so much on a forum before (or in english class for that matter, hehe). Thanks a lot in advanced guys I really appreiciate this.

    In case anyone is wondering I planing on running Xp pro on the computer, so the processor has to be good enough to run and handle it.

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    well, it might be amptron. They arent too bad for their board i dont think, but you should try and get the exact model number from him so you can look up the specifics about it.

    As for the Via gigapro, i know there is a cpu called a gigapro, but i dont know who its made by, and i dont think its via. It would probably perform on par with maybe a 400mhz pentium. I dont know if it would have enough power to play dvds, unless you added another card with dvd-decoding.
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      I found the model number and yes yo9u are right it is Amptron. the model number is 9387876LM+. I'm pretty sure that the gigapro processor is VIA but like I said I don't know anything about VIA. I couldn't find the board with the same model number on but if you guys know anything let me know. any other motherboard/cpu recommendations?


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        I think you mean this motherboard:

        (AKA PC CHIPS M787CL+,

        PIII-3787CL+ MAINBOARD :
        SiS630E Chipset
        Onboard VIA C3 Samuel2 1 Giga Pro processor
        Supports 133MHz Front Size Bus
        Supports up to 1GB of main memory
        Onboard 64-bit 2D/3D graphics accelerator and Ultra DMA 33/66/100 function
        Onboard sound system with AC '97 codec
        Audio Modem Riser slot support Audio and Modem application
        Built-in 10BaseT/100BaseTX Network Interface
        Integrated hardware monitoring circuit which monitors CPU temperature, CPU fan speed, case fan speeds and motherboard voltages.
        Micro-ATX form factor

        OMG It's only $70 on pricewatch!!!


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          yeah crazylittle I think your right that looks like the board. So that's the board, what do you guys think? I'm willing to spend $100 (max $150) on a motherboard, sound, video, and processor (although sound will most likely get upgraded later). So I'm looking for something that has a lot of integrated stuff. Does anybody know of a better deal on a motherboard and cpu, something with more bang for my buck in that price range?


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            Also can anybody tell me what a single board computer is? Am I right, is it just a computer that has integrated video and sound?


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              Well, there has been some heated discussion on what a single board computer actually is, but generally, it is a specialised form board, meant for embedding in something. they generally arent a specific form factor, some of all of the ports are on headers on the board, not on a backplate. They will only have 1 or 2 ram slots, and very limited expansion, sometimes not even any expansion slots. Also, i think they are made from older proven reliable technology.

              They are different (as far as i am concerended) from integrated motherboards. Integrated motherboards are meant to be installed in regular cases, they have more expansion (not always), and run newer technology. Although often, integrated motherboards are cheaply built and are not reliable, as they are made to build cheap computers with.

              Project AutoBoxen: Coming along, almost ready to hook up in the car.
              Celeron 500, 192mb ram, 8gb hdd, other stuff.
              '91 Mazda 626: Its free, so ill use it.


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                thanks Charliey, So now all I need to know is if anyone knows how well the PIII-3787CL+ MAINBOARD ( )
                preforms and if there is a better Motherboard and cpu for around $100-150.


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                  Amptron = PCChips. Make sure to buy two, because one of them will be bad. They are not high quality boards, but if it works out of the box, it should keep working. Don't expect blazing performance. I have one in my player, but I only use it for playing MP3s.
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