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Shuttle MK32N vs MK35N

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  • Shuttle MK32N vs MK35N

    I have been looking for a small motherboard that can handle the 256 PC2100 DDR ram and Athlon XP 1600+ i have sitting next to me. My original plan was to buy one of Shuttle's SS40G, but at $265 the cheapest i can find it, id rather save the money to go towards an xenarc screen from digitalww. So i began searching for a small motherboard. I havnt had much luck finding one that handles athlonxp, but i found these tonite on the shuttle website, which for some reason was one of the last places i thought to look. I have found some reviews of the MK32N online, it seems like a pretty solid motherboard. The MK35N, which is a new release, is shuttles newest miniatx motherboard. However, i cant find anyplace that actually sells it, not anyplace that has a review of it. Since i can get the MK32N for about $60-70, i think thats going to be the way i go, and ill make my own case out of plexiglass or something.

    So i guess my question is, does anyone have any information on the MK35N? or had any experience with the MK32N?

    Thanks for your help

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    Progress here: