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using 2 soundcards for audio and mic help

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  • using 2 soundcards for audio and mic help

    i have the MP915-B and a audigy 2 nx, i want to use the audigy for sound output, and the mp915-b for the mic since it has that one right under the power button. is it as simple as defining which one uses what in the sound properties?

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    AFAIK you can only use one sound card at a time. The Audigy 2 has a mic input i'm pretty sure.... if you're using that output jack for audio out, you might be able to use the "front panel connectors" for mic. You'd have to build a plug/wire thingy though. Anybody know if you can do this?


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      yea the nx has a mic input, but i would rather use the mic that already exists on the front of my computer housing.


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        Yes, you can use multiple sound cards and, yes, it should be just as easy as setting it in the Sound and Audio Devices properties in control panel.

        For example, I'm using the line-in on my motherboard for the HD-radio but I'm outputting to the USB sound card.


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          sweet, thanks!