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small pc or 'thin client'

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  • small pc or 'thin client'

    Does any one know where I can get one of those 'thin client' PC's or something similar?????

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    A thin client is one which doesn't have much processing power, and usually doesn't do any processing. It just displays output and sends input to another computer which does all the work.

    You want a small case and motherboard, not a thin client, for a carplayer.


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      If you're still looking for a thin client, let me know - I *may* have one for sale...
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        Ok now I'm confused. As I was understanding it, a thin client can be almost anything that can offer an interface e.g. a web browser is a thin client for web applications..... So I don't see how you could sell one, unless your talking about a thin PC, but then it wouldn't be a client since it's doing the processing?


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          This depends on the definition of thin client.

          I have some javastations at home. These are considered thin clients but they do have a 110Mhz microSparc in them and about 32Meg of memory. The reason these are considered thin clients is that they don't have any local storage (ie no harddrive). The Javastation can decode mp3s but they sound really bad. (poor audio chip I think).

          The ThinkNIC is also a thin client, but does have some storage. It basically comes down to what your/the companies definition of a thin client is. My thinking is that you are thinking about something like an Xterminal. Those don't do any processing execpt getting info from a server.


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            snakebite i have a thin client which i could sell to you. only thing it doesnt have a case. Basicly its only the motherboard. Let me know if you intrested. If i can remember right its 133Mhz with TV out and everything onboard audio/video. Tv out is PAL/NTSC

            Im in Sydney so the delivery shouldnt be a problem.

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              Fosgate, Snakebite already has one of those, I think he is looking for something with a faster cpu or better onboard sound card.