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DVD ROM Drive External dimmensions...

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  • DVD ROM Drive External dimmensions...

    Well, I managed to have my CarPuter slip from my hands when moving it. Acutally I didn't bolt the top on and it decided to seperate before safe fall to my bed.

    Even though it was a short fall, it forced the CD-ROM Tray open and got dorked.

    I got it working again, but it only ejects when flat and not on the side. Unfortunate it was a new 52x.

    My question is this, can two of you give me exact legnth dimensions of Pioneers Slot Load and Tray Load DVD Drives?

    Trouble finding dimmensions for this on Pioneer's site.

    I'm sure one is longer than the other, but need to make sure it will fit in my case without hiting other things.

    One other question, I have a laptop DVD Drive. Has anyone seen an adapter to make it fit in a 5" bay? I already have the IDE adapter.