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Locking up problems

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  • Locking up problems

    Alright the mobo is a ASUS out of a older hpxt963 computer, it has a PCI Soundboard audigy on it. It just started doing it since I have added the audigy, everything will be working fine then my screen will lock up and the speakers will but out a very load constant noise. Any ideas?

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    Freezing can almost entirely be attributed to CPU over heating...
    I'd try removing the CPU heatsink, clean it, check and clean the fan, and re-seat it with some thermal paste...


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      I'd put my money on the PCI soundcard. Vibration will cause PCI cards to lock up sometimes. Is the card secured or loose?

      Try removing the card and driving around to see if the problem happens again.
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        Yeah its not hot here anymore in TN, so I rule heat out. I fixed it though, not sure if it was because it was loose or what but I just swapped it into another PCI slot and all my problems fixed.